At VP U.A.S we provide aerial solutions using UAS or drones. Our UAS are operated by experienced FAA licensed pilots. This amazing technology along with our experienced pilots allow us to provide quality data To our clients.

Vantage Point U.A.S is an aerial solution company based in Tampa, FL. We operate under FAA part 107 commercial UAS rule. All of our Remote pilots are licensed by the FAA to fly U.A.S commercially. VP U.A.S provides professional, safe and innovative solutions. we do this by utilizing unmanned aerial systems. Unmanned Aerial Systems commonly known to some as Drones or UAVs. By utilizing these systems we can provide an accurate, cost efficient and safer solution to our clients. here is a list of some of the services and solutions we provide.

           and more.

this is just a small list of the many things we can do with our drones.